Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bad News for the Palestinians

Nobody is helping them. Their leaders, following the practice established by Arafat are begging all the rich nations for money. Nobody is paying any attention. The reasons are obvious. Money given to Palestinians, half is stolen and hidden away in secret accounts and the other half is wasted on guns and explosives.

Palestinians have been following one policy for 40 years: kill Jews. it has been somewhat successful. They have killed about 1000 Jews. They have also destroyed any semblance of hope for themselves. Young Palestinian men seeking to escape to another country are consistently denied visas. Nobody wants them. Their resumes all read the same: spent 10 years trying to kill Jews.

Someday, these pathetic people will finally reach the unavoidable conclusion. If they want to have a hope for a better future, they will have to put away their guns, rockets and bombs and start building their own future, like South Korea, China, India, Kenya and South Africa.

They will have to get rid of leaders who steal from them and behave as if they were criminally insane. They will have to find leaders who can guide them to build up their pathetic nation. They may not be able to find such leaders among the heirs of Arafat's self-destructive policies.


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