Thursday, March 08, 2007

The GOP's Problem

Why is the Republican party offering Giuliani as its leading candidate for the Presidential nomination?

Why not? Here is why the GOP should not even be thinking of Giuliani:

1. Miserable family values: married 3 times, informed his second wife of his impending divorce at a press conference, carried on with his mistress publicly while still married to the second wife. First wife was his second cousin. How's that for the candidate of the "family values" party?

2. Giuliani is an arrogant egomaniac bully. He has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Unsuitable for any position of power.

3. Zero experience in the international area.

The GOP is stuck with Giuliani or McCain (another problem candidate) because nobody with any real ability is making a serious run for the nomination.

Why not? Because the Republicans Party has conceded the 2008 election to the the Democrats.

Note: The 2006 New York State election provided a preview. The Republicans were forced to nominate non-entities to run against Spitzer for Governor and Hillary for re-election as Senator because the two Democrats had a lock on the election. Spitzer won with 75% of the vote and Hillary won with 67% of the vote.


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