Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Maureen Dowd, Hypocrite (Rev 1.1)

In today's column, Dowdy blathers about Al Gore.

She goes on and on about all kinds of trivia.

Here's the fragment that really gets me:

Does he blame himself (for losing in 2000)? Does he blame the voting machines? Ralph Nader? Robert Shrum? Naomi Wolf? How about Bush Inc. and Clinton Inc.?

What's missing in that list of potential targets for blame is of course, Maureen Dowdy, herself.

Has Dowdy forgotten how she used to savage Gore mercilessly in her columns? Yes, of course, that's her stock-in-trade: sarcastic and abusive language. But what she did to Gore, the obviously best qualified contender for the Presidency in 2000 was not funny, clever or insightful. It was ugly, vicious and totally undeserved. To the extent that it contributed to Gore's defeat, it was a disservice to the United States.

Revision 1.1. (How did I miss this?) The title of her screed is: "Ozone Man Sequel," a reminder of the insulting description that the Bush mental pygmies gave to Gore because of his concern for the environment.

At the end of the day, that's all that Dowdy has: ugly, bitter and abusive language. If I remember correctly, she has admitted with pride that this is her most cherished inheritance from her mother who taught her that all human beings, but men especially are worthless and deserving of bitter criticism. This was mother Dowdy's concept of brilliant humor.


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