Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally, It's on Page 1 of the NY Times

From the very beginning of the Iraq War, Bush's real objective was to give Iraq's oil to Exxon-Mobil and a handful of other big international oil companies. The value of this prize is whatever the oil companies can grab of an oil treasure worth $6 Trillion -- that's 6 followed by 12 zeroes (at $50 a barrel).

The story starts on page 1 of today's NY Times.

The profit is not in the bank yet. There are some really thorny issues left, such as security for the oil company workers and equipment, as well as protection of the completed work: wells, pipelines, tank farms, refineries, etc. and very importantly credible assurance that new facilities will not be expropriated after they are built.

My question is why did it take the NY Times this long to discover all this? They never showed any interest in trying to figure out why stated objectives for the war kept changing but the war kept going.

The New York Times could have figured this out before the 2004 election. If they had published the story then, we would living in a better world now and Bush and Cheney would be serving life sentences for their foul deeds.


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