Monday, February 26, 2007

Regarding the Previous Post (Below this one)

Maybe the Palestinians were hoping to achieve this objective:

"Destruction of the Zionist Entity (Israel)."

Their new (Hamas) leaders are really holding on that one. Seems to be their mantra.

Maybe they should get a new mantra. How about: "Om mani padme hum?" (Pronounced: omm mannee padme hoomm -- causes beneficial vibration in the sinuses.)

Oh, the Palestinians have frequently mentioned other, "non-negotiable" objectives:

1. Right of return -- up tp 4 million Palestinian Arabs are allowed to move to Israel.
2. Return to 1967 borders.
3. Evacuation of all Israelis from the settlements.

The Israelis should prpose as a counter offer "Return to 1000 B.C.E. borders."
(The Jews occupied all the land between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediteranean Sea and there were no Palestinian Arabs then, anywhere. There was no Islam, either. Islam came 1700 years later.)

Israelis and Palestinians can compromise on 100 B.C.E. There were no Palestinian Arabs then either. Also, no Islam. Islam came 800 years later.

In any case, the al Aksa intifada has not achieved any of the objectives that might be ascribed on the basis of objectives stated by Palestinian leaders from Arafat to Hamas.

The intifada has cost the Palestinians heavily, in terms of deaths, destruction of property, high unemployment, third world standard of living and currently warfare between Hamas and Fatah and resulting heavy damage to their universities in Gaza.

Maybe it is time for them to stop talking tough, throw away their weapons, and devise new objectives and strategies.

Here's a suggestion: aim to have a successful society, like for example Israel, with a vibrant democracy and first world standard of living. They might actually achieve that if they tried.


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