Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why Do Arabs Engage in So Much Violence?

In Iraq, day after day, Sunni Arabs kill Shiite Arabs and Shiite Arabs kill Sunni Arabs.

In Gaza, Hamas Arabs kill Fatah Arabs and Fatah Arabs kill Sunni Arabs.

In Gaza, Hamas Arabs destroy the Fatah University and Fatah Arabs destroy the Hamas University.

No doubt the Arab vs. Arab violence in Gaza is the fault of Israeli Jews because the Israeli Jews do not permit violence directed at Israelis and the poor Arabs are so angry at the Jews that they feel frustrated, so they have no choice but to kill each other and to destroy each other's Universities. Makes sense.


At 8:24 PM, Blogger Jeffrey Levine said...

I can't tell whether blaming ISrael is tongu-in-cheek or not.

Obvioulsy Muslim on Muslim violence has NOTHING to do with the Jews/Israelis!

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont think that any use can come from a debate that blames one person, or one group of people. I really think that the Jews against Arabs debate is utterly wrong. Does God condone this kind of discrimination? I am a Christian and I am affected in my own spirit by the events of the Middle East. When Palestinian suicide bombers were killing Jews in Israel my heart wrenched. When I see the violence that has taken hold of Iraq I feel utter sadness in my soul that this is happening in the same world that I live in. I am neither Arab or Jew. I know if I was I might feel anger and seek to blame an opposing side. However, as someone who lives in Britain, thousands of miles away from these catastrophes, as an un-biased observer, I see that anger, unforgiveness, and desperation are some of the factors that make people kill. I don't see that religion should at all come into it, because whatever a man's religion has been in his life it is no reason to be hated for. Instead my prayers are for mankind to stop destroying itself in this way. If for a moment both sides put down their weapons and took a look at the person they are hating, to find in that person something that can be loved, respected and learned from, then you would see people as they are, not how you perceive them because of predjudices you have learned. Only then will peace come. Please stop playing tit for tat. Instead, take personal responsibility for what you feel inside, it may be pain because you have suffered in war, but love is stronger than any emotion man knows, and real love does not hate, does not accuse others, and it does not remember the wrongs people do. All men are capable of committing murder, but ultimately it is a personal choice to pull the trigger, to set off a bomb, to be a martyr for a cause that only creates havoc? The real martyrs are the little children who don't understand why the world they live in is so bitter and violent. Children who should instead have a bright safe future to not only look forward to, but actually to take for granted as many children in Britain do. The elderly who have tried to live good lives rearing sons and daughters. I pray men and women in the middle east that you will stop hating and killing one another. There is no justifiable reason to take another's life. Revenge is a never ending concept. It is far more glorious to say I will forgive my enemy and make him my brother than it is to say I will avenge my brother by killing my enemy.


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