Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What Should President Bush Do?

The Iraq situation is desperate and tantalizing, all at the same time. Desperate because the killing is continuing and Iraqis who can leave are leaving.

Tantalizing because Bush's true objective seems to be within reach. The Iraqi cabinet is about to approve a new oil law that will distribute oil profits equitably among the three factions and yield a bonanza to Exxon-Mobil (Bush's hidden objective from Day 1). For this law to take effect, a secure and peaceful Iraq is an absolute necessity.

What should Bush do?

The military surge will not pacify Iraq. The most the surge could accomplish is to pacify Baghdad (and it does not seem to be doing even that).

The military can't achieve the peaceful and secure Iraq that Bush needs. Only diplomacy could possibly do that. Problem is that there are no really good diplomats in Bush's team. He has to reach outside.

Last time Bush wanted a super ambassador (after the Indian Ocean tsunami) he tapped his Dad and Bill Clinton. It worked. But Bush 41 obviously is not the man to send to Iraq. He has a certain history there. But Bill Clinton might be. He has world status. He is recognized to be the coolest politician alive. Even his former enemies like him now.

Bush should invite Bill Clinton to lunch and ask him to consider going to Iraq to meet with the boss Kurds and Sunni Arabs and Shiite Arabs and give them a presentation on how peace is a win-win-win situation in view of the new oil law. The killing and destruction stop. The petroleum infrastructure is modernized and expanded. The money flows in like a river. Iraqis are rich and happy. There's lots of money for rebuilding and upgrading the country.

What would Bill Clinton say? Probably something like: "Thank you for thinking that I can accomplish that. May I take 24 hours to think it over and discuss it my wife?"

It's a long shot, but does Bush have anything better?


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