Sunday, February 18, 2007

Why Hurt Your Own People?

Gaza is the poorer part of the Palestinian Authority's nation. Before the current intifada, which started in 2000, many Palestinians crossed the border into Israel every morning to their jobs and returned in the evening. They were not getting rich, but they made a living.

Since the Intifada started, Palestinian young men started attacking the border crossings with AK-47's and Rocket Propelled Grenades. Every time this happened, the Israelis closed the border crossings.

Today's NYTimes has a very sad story about a Gaza Arab who lost his job as a welder in Israel six years ago because he could not come to work because the border was closed because of the attacks by the Palestinian warriors.

Maybe, just maybe, if the Palestinian jihadis could understand that they are inflicting far more suffering on their own people when they attack Israel than they are on Israel, maybe they could find a more productive use for their time than firing bullets at Jews -- like maybe go to school, learn a trade, get a job, start a new business, or even spend a day at the beach.

The Israelis are not suffering. They replaced the missing Arab workers with Romanians.


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