Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Iran War?

All this chit-chat about Bush taking us to war against Iran fails to answer a lot of questions:

1. Land war vs. air war, both air and land?

2. If land, how many soldiers (Iran is much bigger than Iraq, has more than double the population and has a lot of mountains)? Where would the million or so soldiers needed come from?

3. There is not even a hint that any Iranians would welcome the U.S.

4. If air only, what's the plan for destroying nuclear sites located under deep layers of rock?

Bush's saber rattling is apparently intended to distract us from his monumental failure in Iraq.

The risk to Bush is that he may scare Congress into impeaching him and Cheney and throwing them out of office. Senate Republicans seem to be headed that way.

Even worse for Bush, incoming President Pelosi might then appoint a gung-ho Attorney General and instruct him (or her) to prosecute Bush and Cheney for their criminal lying, killing and waste of our money, maybe even "crimes against humanity."


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