Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hillary's Vote on the War

When people criticize Hillary Clinton's vote on the war, leaving out important facts, they are saying a lot more about their own defective thinking than about Hillary Clinton.

What are they leaving out? I'm glad you asked.

Remember back a few years, the hysteria cooked up by the Bush propaganda machine -- about the terrorists, the enormous danger -- the protection that Savior Bush was offering us.

And remember the slime machine operated by the same revolting Bush crowd. Give them credit. Their sliming was absolutely world class. Remember the Swift-Boating of John Kerry? In reality Kerry was the war hero and Bush was the cowardly dodger. After the Swift-Boating, the Bush mob reversed public perceptions. Kerry was a liar and exaggerator of his exploits -- a bad man.

Then it becomes crystal clear that any politician who wanted to live to fight another day, would have to be very careful not to antagonize Bush too much.

Cowardly? Maybe.

But the essential truth of politics is that unless you survive to fight another day, you commit a totally useless political suicide.

So, Hillary and other Presidential aspirants decided to give Bush all the rope he needed to hang himself.

And Bush hanged himself and Hillary lived to fight another day. Good for Hillary.


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