Monday, February 19, 2007

Is Clinton Hurting because of Her Vote?

It is surprising that even a cool, fact-using, rational analyst has some strong preconceived notions. Apparently, relying on his intuition rather than hard data, Paul Krugman has concluded that Hillary Clinton is paying a high political price for explaining her vote rather than just apologizing for it.

The data do not support Krugman's conclusion. In the Intrade standings, Clinton is way, way ahead of Obama and especially, Edwards, as shown below:

Clinton (voted for and explained): 51
Obama (was not in the Senate): 23
Edwards (voted for and apologized): 12

It's time for Krugman to apologize for showing his bias against Hillary Clinton. It's time for Krugman to say he is sorry for relying on his intuition rather than analysis of hard data and to promise not to repeat this error.


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