Monday, February 19, 2007

Is Obama An Empty Suit?

Last week, Obama said that the lives of the 3000 Americans who have died in Iraq were wasted. There was an uproar. Obama apologized and retracted his "wasted" comment. He was wrong the first time and he was not right the second time.

No, their lives were not wasted. A lot of bad things happen because people make mistakes. Blaming only Bush and his crowd is a kind of self-serving avoidance of deeper problems. For example, it is now certain that Bush is a very bad President. Yet, he was reelected by a sizable majority in 2004. So if lives were “wasted” is it the fault of Bush or of the tens of millions of Americans who voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004? Or of Gore and Kerry who ran inept campaigns that enabled Bush to get elected and reelected? Or of Ralph Nader who because of his borderline madness took millions of votes from Gore?

Finger-pointing, which is what Obama was doing, is simply not useful. What we have to do is study history and learn from it. We especially have to try to learn from mistakes, our mistakes and those made by other people.

Obama is an empty suit. He talks about the audacity of hope. Hope is for fools. Smart people study and learn and plan carefully and try very hard to do good things and to avoid bad ones. Obama hasn’t got a clue. He is on his way to the waste bin of politics.


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