Friday, February 23, 2007

Here Is Another Precedent

In the post directly following this one, I raised the possibility of President Bush asking Bill Clinton to speak to the Iraq leaders of the three factions and show them how everybody wins if they make peace. It's not as far out as it might seem.

Bush's State Department has given a similar assignment to Bill Clinton in the past.

Here's the key paragraph in a story in today's WaPo:

. . . in February 2006, Clinton headed to Asia for charitable work to help tsunami and AIDS victims. At the last minute, the State Department asked him to squeeze in a visit to Pakistan, helping ease tensions among Muslims angered by political cartoons they considered insulting.

It's absolutely amazing. Bill Clinton never ceases to impress.

When David Geffen says nasty things about Bill Clinton, he communicates more about himself than about Clinton.


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