Saturday, March 24, 2007

How About Some Even-Handedness?

Stanley Fish (web only) and Nicholas Kristof have recently had columns in the NY Times about the suppression of criticism of Israel by the Powerful Jewish Organizations and Influential Jews.

These columns have drawn about 900 published reader responses, mostly critical of Israel.

One obvious conclusion is that criticism of Israel exists: Carter's book, the NY Times columns and the readers' responses. Criticism of Israel is happening. Obviously, there is no suppression or inhibition caused by the supposedly Powerful Jewish Organizations and Influential Jews. One wonders what motivated the critics of Israel to invent that particular piece of really nasty fiction.

How about some even-handedness?

How about some criticism of Palestinians?

Palestinians kill Jews whenever they get an opportunity. Any one care to criticize murder?

What is most criticizable (aside from the criminality of murder) is the sheer stupidity these Palestinians display.

After decades of Jew-killing what have the Palestinians accomplished? They still are a third-world nation totally dependent on handouts to live from day to day.

If they gave up their obsession with killing Jews and behaved like normal human beings, they might, just might, make some progress toward moving up to second-world status. They might achieve a standard of living comparable to the poorer people of Egypt or Algeria.

For the Palestinians, that would be something to look forward to.


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