Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Re: Dowd Criticizing Hillary Clinton

lwiner - 4:05 PM ET August 31, 2005 (#63970 of 63970)
Innovate or perish.

What Dowd is writing about HRC is mild compared to . .

What Dowd is writing about HRC is mild compared to the Rove machine would do to her if she came out for troop reduction in Iraq.

Is there any doubt in Dowd's mind that anyone at all who criticized this miserable war would be Swift-Boated instantly?

A Nobel Prize winner like Kissinger can get away with it, but no one else.

If Hillary Rodham Clinton, the probable Democratic candidate in 2008 said that it's time to pull our troops out, the Rove machine would descend on her like a piano falling out of the window of a high-rise building. She would become the main topic of all talk shows and political columns and the war would be forgotten for a few days. In the end, she would have to apologize and her political career would be dead. Why should she do it?

No, this is a mess the Republican made and they will have to clean it up. Sen. Hagel has started. It's time for the other Republicans to speak up. If Bush does not act, the Republicans should impeach him and Cheney too.

Furthermore, criticizing HRC is ok. She's a politician and if anybody wants to criticize her, it's allowed.

But realistically, compare Hillary Clinton with Bush, point by point.

Then compare Ms. Clinton with McCain, Allen and Giuliani, the Republican front runners, and whom would you choose?

That's all you get in politics: a choice. No use tearing everybody down because none of them meet your ideal.

Dowd helped to defeat Gore. Is Dowd happy about that?


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