Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Columnists

I have been reading and posting in these Forums for a few weeks and I have some observations that I would like to share.

There seem to be three types of posters here. For convenience, I will label and describe them (us) briefly.

1. The passionate patriots. These are the people who love the US, in spite of all the warts and zits on Lady Liberty's face. They yearn to improve our country in every way. They (we) tend to be more articulate in our posts. We show a higher level of knowledge and logical thinking. We like the columns of Bob Herbert and Paul Krugman. We miss Maureen Dowd. We like Frank Rich's writing, too. We do not miss William Safire. We waver in our regard for Thomas Friedman and Nicholas Kristof. We don't really accept that Brooks and Tierney exist only to deflect accusations of lack of balance on the Op-Ed page.

2. The knee-jerk Bush defenders. They express unstinting support for the Iraq war. They do not question any of Bush's lies, no matter how preposterous. They strongly believe that US fighting in Iraq keeps the terrorists from striking us here in the US. They insult their opponents freely. They use the term "liberal" as synonymous with imbecile, thug, wimp, impotent.

3. The irrelevants. They do not read the columns. Their posts deal with all kinds of stuff. They waste our time.


At 5:39 PM, Blogger Beaver said...

Letter from an Irrelevant :

Dear sir, with all due respect, I hope you realize the blogosphere is international. Hence our ability to read about what's going on elsewhere in the world.

Keep in mind that people who read your blog are often bloggers, and they can be from anywhere. They might choose not to blog on US events out of respect for internal self-governance. Insulting them will get your message nowhere. To quote another blogger : "Try a bit of tolerance in your diet".


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