Saturday, May 28, 2005

Winning the war on terrorism

I see a lot of posts on this Forum and others that casually mention the goodness of winning the war on terrorism and/or the badness of losing the war on terrorism.

At the risk of boring fellow Forum-ites, allow me to reminisce.

I remember our country fighting a war on Communism in Viet Nam. Nine years of war. 58,000 Americans dead. 300,000 Americans injured. 2 million Vietnamese dead. We did not win that war.

Russian Communism died because of its inefficiency. Chinese Communism is prospering, for the time being. We no longer feel threatened by Communism.

We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars, maybe a trillion by now fighting the War on Drugs. There is no measurable effect.

Our people are dying and killing and torturing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanomo. This is explained to us as the War on Terrorism.

At home, the last terrorist attack was 3.5 years ago. Our Republican Administration got re-elected by telling us to be afraid.

Our Republican Administration has done nothing, I repeat nothing to protect us from the possibility of terrorists blowing up chlorine tanks in Texas, as explained in yesterday's editorial. (Does Bhopal mean anything to anyone out there? 20,000 dead or injured and that was an accident.)

Our Republican Administration and their supporters in this Forum say that they are protecting us by fighting the terrorists in Iraq. Huh? The 9/11 terrorists came from Arabia, not Iraq.

Furthermore, if the terrorists in Iraq wanted to harm us here, why are they in Iraq, where they could get killed. Why don't they enter the U.S., buy some explosives and blow up a few chemical plants in northern New Jersey on a cold winter day when the wind is blowing West to East at 22 miles an hour? Wall Street would become a graveyard.

George Bush has never told us how we will know that we won the war on terrorism. At the beginning, he told he would get Osama ben Ladin, dead or alive. Then Bush lost interest in Osama. He got hot on WMD's in Iraq and launched a war. No WMD's? That's ok. We're fighting to bring democracy to the Iraqi people. Did anybody ask them? Do the Sunnis want democracy? They don't act like it. They stayed out of the voting and now they're killing everybody else.

Can any of the supporters of the Bush war on terrorism clarify this unholy mess? Caution: it won't be easy. Bush, with all his helpers has given up on explaining what we're doing in Iraq. He's dedicating all his attention to stem cells, Mr. Abbas, poppies in Afghanistan, Korans in the toilet, private retirement accounts, crappy judges and appointing a madman as Ambassador to the UN. The Iraq mess just isn't on his front burner anymore. Bush has clearly given up.

I’m calling on all Bush-lovers. Clarify all this. If you insult me, if you call me bad things, make fun of my name, all that means is that you don't know the answer either. Go, Bushites, start explaining!


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