Thursday, May 26, 2005

Reply to Another Post About HBS

"I don't regard Harvard as some sacred cow of education. What is unjust is the rise in student tuition across the spectrum of private and public universities/colleges in the USA that will certainly impact the middle class."

Harvard is not a sacred cow. The best thing about Harvard and the other top schools is the opportunity to study with other top students. A lot can be learned through such experiences.

Also the teachers do not have to dumb down their teaching for students who are having trouble keeping up because nobody is having trouble keeping up.

Regarding your second point, I agree with you completely. Higher education should be free to all students who want to learn. It's best for the students and very definitely best for the country. All that would take is scholarships for all who are willing and capable of working hard at learning. Lots of money.

Write letters to George Bush and the Republican leaders of Congress. Suggest that they impose property taxes on all those with net worth over $5 million. Pay out the money collected to students who need the money to attend college and graduate school. Tell the Republican politicians this would vastly increase the wealth and well-being of the whole country.

Good luck!


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