Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pulling Our Troops Out Is The Best Strategy

In Iraq, the Sunnis want the US out so they can exploit the Kurds and Shiites, just like they did under Saddam Hussein. The Sunnis do not like to commit suicide, so they import religious fanatics from Arabia, fill their heads with religious garbage and send them out to commit murder and mayhem.

In Iraq the terrorism, or insurgency will continue until one of two things happens: the Sunnis achieve their goal and set up another Saddam Hussein with the brutal repression of Kurds and Shiites or all the ambitious Sunnis are killed. Bush tried the second strategy in Faluja and it had no effect. It would take killing on the scale of genocide to repress the Sunnis.

What should we do? We should accept reality: we are not doing any good in Iraq because we are insisting on a unified Iraq. We are helping no one and we are suffering great losses ourselves. We should leave. Bring our troops home. Save their lives. Protect them from grievous injuries. Reduce our budgetary deficit.

What will happen in Iraq after we leave? The Shiites will get a lot of help from Iran and fight off the Sunnis. The Kurds, with our help (only weapons and ammunition, no US troops) will also fight off the Sunnis. The Sunnis will be forced to work for a living instead of living off the Kurds and Shiites.

Does anyone have a better idea?


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