Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fighting In Iraq Protects Us At Home (?)

"He (Bush) told us we would be fighting the terrorists on their soil, to keep from having to fight them on ours, and he was right..."

Explain to me please how killing Iraqis protects us here. Why would people who want to harm us here fight in Iraq where they can get killed?

Why don't they come to the US, buy some explosives and blow up chemical storage tanks and railroad cars in Texas and northern New Jersey? (Do you remember Bhopal in India? 20,000 dead and injured and that was an accident). Intentional, well-placed explosions could kill and maim millions of people in the US. George Bush has done nothing, I repeat nothing to protect us from that danger.

Now, please try again to explain to me why we are fighting in Iraq. Please put my name, lwiner, in the title to make sure that the search engine does not miss your answer.

Also, please keep in mind that no one in the Bush Administration is using the argument you used any more. In fact, none of them is talking about the Iraq war at all. They do talk about more "important" matters: stem cells, Mr. Abbas, poppies in Afghanistan, Korans in the toilet, private retirement accounts, crappy judges and appointing a madman as Ambassador to the UN.

Thank you, tradewind111. I appreciate your taking the time.

By the way, there are no names on my ignore list. All answers will get through.


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