Tuesday, May 31, 2005

1600 Dead For What?

“1600 Americans dead for what?

Thousands of Americans injured for what?

I'll say it . . . "to help George W. Bush to get re-elected."

God, no. I can't bear to look at it that way. Their sacrifice was not for Bush, in my opinion. Yes, there was cynical political intention in sending troops to die and timing it for an election. Yes, on that. But, no, those who have died, enlisted with pride. They showed their new uniforms to their parents and their brothers and sisters with pride. And they served America with courage and honor. Those are things of great value. They have absolutely not died for nothing."

I admire the way you write. It's almost poetic. What's missing is the boots-on-ground experience.

Soldiers go into combat because they have been trained to follow orders, no matter what. Idealism exists only very early in the process. Soldiers fight and continue to fight because they follow orders and they feel they owe it to their fellow soldiers.

Responsibility is with the commander-in-chief, the only elected official in the whole command structure. All others, from four star general, to private are following orders.

When I ask "Why are we fighting in Iraq?" I am not asking about the idealism of the soldiers, I'm asking why is President George W. Bush keeping those fine, wonderful people (with whom I personally identify) in harm's way in Iraq?

The only answer I have received is that we are there for the oil.

So, now we have the whole story. Bush started the war to help himself get re-elected. We are continuing to fight because Bush wants to get the Iraqi oil so he and his friends can make a lot of profit on selling it at $50 a barrel. This is credible because it is consistent with all the rest of Bush's behavior.

My deepest thanks to all participants in this forum for helping me in reaching these conclusions.

In case I have misinterpreted any of your comments, please correct me.


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