Monday, April 16, 2007

The Shock Jocks and the Rappers

I today's column, Bob Herbert criticizes shock jocks and rappers. He refers to them as an infection that afflicts our nation.

His column is right on target. However, the problem he describes is only a symptom of a much bigger and more stubborn deficiency in our country. We have simply lost our way.

I came to this country in 1940, at the age of 11. We were beginning to recover from the Great Depression. Soon we were fighting WW II against two powerful enemies. In spite of the enormous challenges we were facing, we were confident that we would win.

And we did.

As a result of superb Government policies, we built up our intellectual capital by subsidizing a tremendous increase in higher education and we converted our previous enemies into successful, productive and peaceful allies.

We built the Interstate Highway System, which established a base for huge economic growth and integration of our society.

Compare that with our present situation.

We are unhappy. Our prospects have dimmed. Our children and grandchildren will have more difficulty in earning a living than we did.

I believe that the general unease provides an audience for the hateful garbage that fills the airwaves. If we were optimistic about our future, we would quickly turn off the shock jocks and the filthy-mouthed rappers.


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