Friday, April 27, 2007

The "Puppy Dog" Theory of Terrorism

See Richard Clarke's article on Bush's theory of terrorism.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An Article Worth Reading

" Wolfie's Piggy Bank," an article worth reading.

This Is for Girls and Parents of Girls

A very interesting article for girls and parents of girls.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Shock Jocks and the Rappers

I today's column, Bob Herbert criticizes shock jocks and rappers. He refers to them as an infection that afflicts our nation.

His column is right on target. However, the problem he describes is only a symptom of a much bigger and more stubborn deficiency in our country. We have simply lost our way.

I came to this country in 1940, at the age of 11. We were beginning to recover from the Great Depression. Soon we were fighting WW II against two powerful enemies. In spite of the enormous challenges we were facing, we were confident that we would win.

And we did.

As a result of superb Government policies, we built up our intellectual capital by subsidizing a tremendous increase in higher education and we converted our previous enemies into successful, productive and peaceful allies.

We built the Interstate Highway System, which established a base for huge economic growth and integration of our society.

Compare that with our present situation.

We are unhappy. Our prospects have dimmed. Our children and grandchildren will have more difficulty in earning a living than we did.

I believe that the general unease provides an audience for the hateful garbage that fills the airwaves. If we were optimistic about our future, we would quickly turn off the shock jocks and the filthy-mouthed rappers.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Boom or bust: Breast milk ballyhooed to beat the bulge"

Breast milk could be the wonder drug to combat the obesity plague and, unlike other dieting snake oils, scientific data seems to suggest that this is no booby trap.

Seriously, Japanese scientists apparently have stumbled on an important discovery: lactoferrin, a protein extracted from human breast milk helps fat people to lose visceral fat, the stubborn deep belly fat that is associated with heart disease.

So, fat guys would either take a pill or . . .

Read the whole article.

They Should Have Planned Ahead

As the 2008 election approaches, Senate Republicans will become more anxious about having to defend the Bush-Cheney Iraq disaster. They may bite the bullet and ask the Democrats to start impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney.

What they would get is Nancy Pelosi as President, not exactly what they want, but they would be rid of Bush and Cheney.

They should have seen this coming and done the deed in early 2006. They would have had Denny Hastert in the White House and they might have kept their majorities in the House and Senate.

What clueless jerks the Republicans have turned out to be!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

McCain's Tumor Is Taking Over His Whole Head

Enlarge the photo on today's article in the NYTimes.

Judging by his bizarre behavior, the tumor may be affecting his brain.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bad News for the Palestinians

Nobody is helping them. Their leaders, following the practice established by Arafat are begging all the rich nations for money. Nobody is paying any attention. The reasons are obvious. Money given to Palestinians, half is stolen and hidden away in secret accounts and the other half is wasted on guns and explosives.

Palestinians have been following one policy for 40 years: kill Jews. it has been somewhat successful. They have killed about 1000 Jews. They have also destroyed any semblance of hope for themselves. Young Palestinian men seeking to escape to another country are consistently denied visas. Nobody wants them. Their resumes all read the same: spent 10 years trying to kill Jews.

Someday, these pathetic people will finally reach the unavoidable conclusion. If they want to have a hope for a better future, they will have to put away their guns, rockets and bombs and start building their own future, like South Korea, China, India, Kenya and South Africa.

They will have to get rid of leaders who steal from them and behave as if they were criminally insane. They will have to find leaders who can guide them to build up their pathetic nation. They may not be able to find such leaders among the heirs of Arafat's self-destructive policies.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Good Column by David Brooks

See today's column.

P.S. Disclosure: David Brooks is a Jew, former neo-con.