Thursday, October 27, 2005

NYTimes Is In Deep Trouble

You know why?

Because NYTimes top management exhibits the same kind of behavior as the President:

"It takes firm leadership to preside over the bureaucracy," Wilkerson wrote in his startling blast against Bush. "But it also takes a willingness to listen to dissenting opinions. It requires leaders who can analyze, synthesize, ponder and decide."

The NYTimes used to have a wonderful way of getting critiques by allowing Reader Forums on editorials and the Op-Ed page. But the thin-skinned NYTimers could not stand the heat, so they shut down the Forums.

They should have realized that they were too full of themselves. "The newspaper of record." Once their blunders started piling up, they should have realized that they were in desperate need of outside critiques of their performance. Instead they shut down the Forums and started to lay off people.

Just like Bush with his delusions based on being the leader of the "only super-power." A lot of good it did him, and us.

Bush is imploding. The NYTimes is imploding. Because both are led by unqualified heirs of dynasties. Sulzberger and Bush have more in common than either would like to admit. Both are failing. In both cases, nemesis follows hubris.