Saturday, June 30, 2007

The "Jackie Robinson" Effect

Why do so many people dislike or even hate Hillary?

What we are seeing here is the "Jackie Robinson" effect.

Jackie Robinson was the first Black player in major league baseball. He was picked by Branch Rickey on the basis of his outstanding ability to play baseball, his intelligence and his mature judgment as shown by his ability to ignore taunts and insults.

Jackie Robinson was an excellent choice for the job of pioneering. The fans grew to admire and love him. On the basis of his success many more Black and Latino players came into the Major Leagues and excelled.

Hillary is a pioneer. A First Lady had never run for public office after leaving the White House. New York State had never had a female United States Senator. Hillary pioneered in two ways and her success was spectacular. When she ran for reelection to the Senate, she got twice as many votes as her opponent.

Now, she is pioneering at the highest level in U.S. politics. Like Jackie Robinson, she is the object of much irrational criticism and hate from people who have serious problems in accepting a woman as President of the U.S. Nevertheless, she will probably be elected and succeed, just as Jackie Robinson did because she has the right qualities in abundance just as Jackie Robinson had.


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