Friday, June 22, 2007

What the Palestinians Need

The Palestinians are deeply mired in religious and factional issues. This is a dead end.

The Pals need a way to come up to a level of economic accomplishment appropriate to the 21st century. They need schools and they need industry. Look at how East Asia, India, China and Israel have progressed economically during the past 40 years.

What's holding the Pals back is a lack of proper direction. They have focussed first on killing Jews, and later on killing each other and accomplished nothing economically for themselves.

They have been teaching their children to hate and kill Jews. Instead they should have been increasing their intellectual capital and building up their economy

The West and Israel are backing Abbas but Abbas will never, ever bring economic development about. There is no indication that any Arab could.

Maybe a businessman/politician like Mike Bloomberg could. Unfortunately, he has just left the Republican Party. Surely among the many Republican successful business managers there is at least one who would volunteer to fill the economic leadership role in Palestine the way General Mac Arthur did in Japan after World War II.

Is Bush even considering this strategy?


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