Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lint-Picking on Hillary

It is remarkable how many people search mightily to find a reason to dislike Hillary. It is so easy to to find faults, in anyone. None of the candidates (as well as none of us) is perfect.

The only issue is: "Who has the best chance to beat Thompson (the leading Republican candidate)?

The answer is Hillary.

Edwards and Gore don't stand a chance.

Obama is close.

Hillary beats all of them: Thompson, Giuliani, Romney and McCain, by a wide margin.

See the Intrade website. Click on "2008 US Presidential Election - Winning Individual (See Specific Rules)" in the left dialog box entitled "Trading Categories."

Wake up everybody! If you don't quit lint-picking on Hillary, you'll wind up with a replay of 2000, when a smart and ethical guy like Gore lost to a bag of bovine waste like George W. Bush.


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