Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Different Outsourcing Story

We are accustomed to reading about American companies outsourcing to India. here's a story about a German company outsourcing to the rest of the world.

In Saturday's NYTimes, Steve Lohr interviews Henning Kagerman, CEO of SAS, German software giant.

Here's the key paragraph:

Q. How much has your engineering work moved outside Germany, and where are you doing it?

A. A decade or so ago, we did nearly 100 percent in Germany. Now, it’s two-thirds in Germany and one-third outside. Palo Alto was the first, and we now have about 1,400 engineers in Silicon Valley. Today, we have about 3,000 engineers in India, about 1,000 in China and 900 in Israel. There are other engineering centers around the world, but those are the big four.


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