Friday, May 18, 2007

Instead of Killing Israelis, Arabs Should Learn from Them

Arabs have been killing Israelis for 59 years, since the Jewish State was founded by the United Nations. The Arabs would have been much smarter if they tried to learn from Israel instead.

Look what Israel has accomplished:

1. Robust economic growth. GDP increased 5.5% last year.
2. Constant growth of the Tel Aviv stock market.
3. Israel has shown more innovation than India, China and Russia combined.
4. Outside investment from: Microsoft, Intel, Motorola and Warren Buffet.
5. Per capita, Israel has the world's most hi-tech start-ups, scientific publications and R&D spending.
6. High standard of living for its population, comparable to Western Europe.
7. A pluralistic, vibrant democracy.
8. First class institutions of higher learning.

What have Arabs accomplished during the past 59 years?


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