Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Failures of the Press and the Bloggers, too

The Press, or the Main Stream Media have failed us by not examining critically Bush's moves to start and continue the Iraq war. Many writers merely repeated Bush's lies as the gospel.

The Press and the bloggers failed then and continue to fail. They have not publicized Bush’s real reason for the war against Iraq. The mere fact that Bush kept lying and changing our objective in the war should have signaled to all "experts" that Bush had a hidden objective. Bush could not reveal his true objective because it was shameful and probably illegal. In such an instance, a logical way of discovering the reason is to follow the money. Who is benefiting and who is likely to benefit?

The new Oil law which is currently stalemated in the Iraq's so-called "government," if enacted would create a huge bonanza for Exxon-Mobil and the other big oil companies. That is the reason for the war. Yet, the Press and the bloggers continue to give Bush a pass on this issue. Maybe they are too lazy and/or stupid to read and understand the Iraq Oil law.


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