Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Complaints About Democratic Presidential Candidates Not Stopping the War

This is Bush's war and he is the sitting President. He was elected and re-elected by the American voters.

A Senator, even as a candidate for the Presidency, does not have the power to stop the Iraq war. The most Congress can do is cut the funds. The American people do not want anything done that could harm the troops. Cutting the funding might harm American troops.

Thus, Clinton and Obama cannot stop the Iraq war now. As long as Bush wants to continue the war and the Democrats have only a small majority in the Senate, Bush and Cheney will remain in office until January 20, 2009.

Some Democrats want the war to stop now. This will not happen. Criticizing Clinton and Obama will not change this.

These criticizing Democrats might reflect on what might have happened in 2004 if they had not dumped Dean and selected Kerry to run against Bush.

Kerry was mealy mouthed and cowardly. He was beaten by the Bush-Rove slime machine.

Dean would have really lambasted Bush and all his liars and incompetents. Dean might have made the American people aware of what a monumental fraud had been put over on them by Bush and Cheney. Dean might have been elected and he would certainly have ended the war.


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