Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ending the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

The "solution" to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is so obvious that it's really painful that so few people see it.

Let's backtrack a bit and study a comparable situation. For hundreds of years, Europe was torn by bloody, destructive wars -- much bigger and much more destructive than the puny war between the Jews and the Pals in the Middle East.

Now the major nations, who used to fight each other with extraordinary regularity, the Germans, French and British live in cooperation and peace and there is no sign at all that this will ever change.

What can we learn? Probably a multitude of things. Two come to mind:

1. Instead of punishing the losers, provide them with money and advice and help them to build a successful and prosperous nation.

2. Form a union, comparable to the European Union.

The Pals are clearly the losers in the Middle East. Instead of arguing and fighting and killing endlessly about difficult issues, set up a "Marshall Plan" to help the Pals to become a First World nation, as Israel has done.

When substantial progress has been made, form a Middle East Union to help the nations in the Middle East to stop wasting their resources on weapons and increase their wealth through cooperation.

Is Tony Blair the man do this? Maybe. He should be given a chance.


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