Sunday, June 24, 2007

We Have A Problem

We have been told repeatedly that we are the only superpower left. That is a mighty intoxicating concept. Look what belief in that fable has led Bush/Cheney to do. Worse than a dose of 100 proof bourbon mixed with caffeine and crack cocaine, all ingested in five minutes.

The reality is that yes, we can destroy cities and even countries. We have enough bombs and other weapons to destroy human life completely. So what?

We can't beat insurgents in Iraq, we can't destroy al Qaeda, we can't catch Osama and we have no useful advice for Israel on how to defeat Hizbollah or Hamas and we can't intimidate the ayatollahs in Iran to stop their nuclear project.

So the superpower story is inoperative. What politician can say that without quickly becoming an ex-politician?

We are trapped in subscribing to a lie. We have a problem.


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