Thursday, January 26, 2006

Letters to NYTimes Editor

Subject: The President and the Katrina Files

Referring to Bush's refusal to provide papers and witnesses regarding the Administration's actions regarding Katrina to a Congressional Committee.

Selected quotes:

Tracy Brooking, Kenesaw, Georgia:
If the law or society has determined that the president should be afforded some confidentiality in terms of what advice he receives, this privilege was not intended to be used as a shield to protect the administration from the consequences of its own failures.

Alec Flamm, Palm Beach:
Can it be any clearer that caring about our security is not this administration's prime motivation but rather the amassing of power in the executive at the expense of both Congress and the judiciary and therefore our country's citizens?

Monique Frugier, Ardmore, Pa.:
If this is not abuse of power, can someone tell me what it is?

John S. Koppel, Bethesda, Md.:
There is an unmistakable pattern here. The rule of law is being replaced by the rule of lies.

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