Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Throw the Bums Out!

Following techniques perfected by Adolf Hitler and elucidated in Orwell's "1984," our President is now trying to corrupt the English language.

Bush tells us that we should not refer to his criminal activities as "illegal domestic spying" but we should use his preferred appellation "terrorist surveillance".

We should accept without legal process his definition of who the terrorists are. We should be willing sheep being led to slaughter.

Fear mongering, illegal imprisonment, torture, obsessively repeated lies, sliming of critics, domestic spying, corruption of the language and pervasive incompetence are legacies of the George W. Bush administration.

Maybe Bush/Cheney should try honesty and legality. Or maybe we should throw the bums out. Compared to them, Denny Hastert is beginning to look good.


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