Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Inner John Tierney Is A Fire-Breathing Liberal

Let's extend a hearty welcome to the new John Tierney!

In today's column Tierney rips apart lawbreaking prosecutors who, in their misplaced zeal, appear to have solicited perjury from a drug addict in order to jail a doctor.

The lead of his column:

Jennifer Riggle, a drug addict, was a star witness in the trial of her doctor, Bernard Rottschaefer. She testified that he had fondled her breasts in the examination room and then given her prescriptions for OxyContin and Xanax in return for sex.

In testimony in federal court two years ago, Riggle quoted the doctor as saying, " 'You satisfy my needs and I'll satisfy yours.' "


The drugs-for-sex case was based on the testimony of Riggle and three other women. All were in trouble with the law and had something to gain by cooperating with the D.E.A. agents who interviewed them.

Tierney goes on to prove that Riggle lied when she testified against the doctor.

Tierney concludes:

Yet (the prosecutors) apparently weren't careful enough or shrewd enough to see through Riggle's story. If they don't deserve prison time for that mistake, neither does her doctor.

Read the whole article - it's great. Pay the fee if you have to. After all, you get Krugman and Friedman and Maureen Dowd, too.


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