Monday, January 23, 2006

"Bush is just getting by from sound bite to sound bite . . .

...while Iraq and America sink ever deeper into the quagmire."

That's the last line in today's Krugman column .

Here's the big (non) shocker of the column

Most notably, during the period when Iraq was run by U.S. officials, they decided to base their electricity plan on natural gas: in order to boost electrical output, American companies were hired to install gas-fired generators in power plants across Iraq. But, as The Los Angeles Times explains, "pipelines needed to transport the gas" - that is, to supply gas to the new generators - "weren't built because Iraq's Oil Ministry, with U.S. encouragement, concentrated instead on boosting oil production." Whoops.

Why is this a non-shocker? Because this confirms, once again, that the true reason for the Iraq invasion has always been to steal half of the oil for Bush and his cronies - worth upward of $50 billion a year. See my earlier post "The Confession of George W. Bush" of 26 Nov 2005.


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