Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hillary Should Run

Some Democrats are saying that Hillary should not run in 2008. I disagree.

1. Hillary is way ahead of all the other Democrats in the 2008 race.
2. She won her Senate seat handily in 2000, after all the moaning and whining of her critics.
3. She has won the the admiration of Trent Lott and many other Republicans.
4. She is going to win re-election to her Senate seat this Fall with 80% of the vote, unless the Republican fail to find someone to oppose her, in which case she will get 99% of the vote.
5. If she runs for President, she will get the vote of many Republican women, no matter who the Republican candidate is.

What the Democrats have to do now is to support Hillary enthusiastically - unless they can suggest a clearly stronger candidate. What must not happen again is that silly 10 clown show the Democrats ran in 2004. The big difference between Hillary and all other Democratic candidates is the (a) she has lots of experience fighting back against slime and (b) she has many Republican women on her side and if Republicans slime Hillary they will anger a lot of their base.

BTW, all of Dean’s positions turned out to be right. The Democrats were big fools not to support him 100%. They should not make the mistake of tearing down their own best candidate. Running Kerry, a mealy-mouthed wet mop was a disaster and at that he came close because Bush is such a ton of $hit, like the other Republicans. If the Democrats had backed Dean from the beginning, he would have whipped Bush.

Hillary fully expects Rove or a Rove-clone to slime her and either has or will develop strategies for defeating that kind of garbage. In any case, the Republicans will attempt to slime any Democratic candidate, no matter who that would be.

And, finally, Hillary has as her principal advisor, the smartest politician in America, former President Bill Clinton.


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