Friday, January 11, 2008

Let's Take A Critical Look at Obama

The hope/change Obama song and dance is just that. It has no substance.

Even a mildly critical thinker would ask how does Obama hope to achieve change in the face of entrenched opposition. So far, Obama has not answered this question.

He seems to be suggesting that his slim good looks, beautiful smile and outstanding oratory will melt the hearts of Mitch McConnell, the pharma lobby, the farm lobby, the oil lobby, Vladimir Putin, the Iranian Ayatollahs and other bullies. Is this credible?

Obama is another incompetent lazy charmer, just like George Bush, only he is much smarter and he has light brown skin. Not Presidential material, but obviously exciting a cult-like following.

One does not need to be biased to view him with great skepticism.

See also the good column by Charles Krauthammer in today's WaPo.

Krauthammer's last paragraph:

Even if you believe that a Clinton restoration would be a disaster, you should still be grateful for New Hampshire. National swoons, like national hysterias, obliterate thought. The New Hampshire surprise has at least temporarily broken the spell. Maybe now someone will lift the curtain and subject our newest man from hope to the scrutiny that every candidate deserves.


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