Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why Obama? Because Obama Is Entertaining

On the face of it, Obama does not begin to be a serious candidate for the Presidency. He is totally lacking in relevant experience and accomplishments.

So, what is the explanation for his success? Obama is entertaining. He is black, but not too black. His African heritage is real African. He is not descended from slaves, he is not derived from a crime ridden, drug infested American ghetto. He is an Ivy League graduate. He is refined, educated and has superb manners. He is not angry or arrogant. He does not demand reparations for slavery. He is the author of two books about himself. He has a beautiful and accomplished wife. His children attend private school. He fits superbly in the white society. Last but certainly not least he has the enthusiastic support of the most super entertainer of all, the entertainer-in-chief, herself.


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