Friday, January 19, 2007

The Real Objective of the Iraq War

Finally! The real reason for the Iraq war is out: to make big money for the oil companies. All the bulls--t about WMDs and democracy was just a smoke screen. It always was about money for the oil companies.

Four years, thousands of Americans killed and maimed, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed and maimed, over a trillion dollars in past and future costs and all for what? To enrich big oil companies.

If this does not rate impeachment, removal from office and life in prison without parole for Bush and Cheney, what does?

An article in the Independent explains it all. The oil companies will invest in drilling and producing shipping the oil and keep most of the profits. And the profits are huge.

The irony is it would have been cheaper and required no killing, maiming and destruction if Bush and Cheney had simply stolen the money from the U.S. Treasury and given it to Exxon and the other oil giants.

By the way, I said all this in my November 26, 2005 post on this blog, entitled: "The Confession of George W. Bush."


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