Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jimmy Carter Says that Palestinian Arabs Are Oppressed by Israelis

Carter is 50% right, Palestinian Arabs are oppressed. Carter is also 50% wrong because the Arabs are not oppressed by Israelis but by their corrupt and terrorist leaders, first Arafat and then the Hamas gang.

If the Palestinians had had good leadership, in the 58 years since partition, they could have progressed as far as the Israelis. They could also have had a vibrant democracy, a superb educational establishment, foreign investors and a standard of living comparable to that of Western Europe.

They could have set a shining example for other Arab nations. Instead, they are poor, mostly unemployed, killing each other as terrorist factions struggle for dominance and have open sewers running in their streets.

So, if Carter were honest, he would not be complaining about the Israelis, but about the corrupt terrorists bossing the Palestinian Arabs. I accuse Carter of being a lying hypocrite because he can’t be so stupid that he does not understand that the Arabs’ problem is their corrupt terrorist leadership.

After all, Carter is a Nobel laureate. So he can’t be stupid. Therefore he must be a liar.


At 1:55 PM, Blogger Sable Cantus said...

If the Palestinian's had good leadership and weren't dedicated to the extermination of Israel it's people, had not been teaching their children that the death of Jews and Westerners was g-d's will, and had not focuses their entire cultural identity on being the "poor oppressed palestinians" then they would also be a prosperous and healthy nation.

Instead, Israel has fed, employed, and provided healthcare for them for years and years. In exchange, they blow us up, they kill us, and they cry to the world about how aweful it is that nobody will give them a free ride.

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Jimmy Carter had some definite shortcomings as a president, but a liar? I don't think so. He has a different point of view. Having no dog in the fight does that.

In the 1940s, there was a suggestion that the US donate land in the US southwest for a jewish homeland, instead of wresting land in the mideast from the folks already there.

That would have been a better idea. The Amerinds had already given up.

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Ivan said...

Maybe, maybe. Maybe if the Israelis had seen fit not to try and create Greater Israel in the west bank. Maybe if the US hadn't seen fit to make Isreal into a regional superpower. Maybe bad leaders on both sides. Maybe the Palestinians might have created a shining capitalist society in the parts of the west bank they had some sort of control over with no access to the outside world, with their airspace and natural resources controlled by others. Maybe. Maybe if the Palestinians controlled building permits they might have been able to build those universities and those businesses. Maybe if they controlled their borders they would have been able to give their businessmen and their academics passports to travel the world. Maybe an attempt to do this would have revealed a different Israel, one that was happy not to create new settlements at every turn, during every pause. Maybe. Maybe if Israel had not remorselessly pursued and assasinated all the younger generations of political leaders and exiled the rest there might have risen up a generation with the power take power from Afafat when it was necessary. Maybe. Maybe people just get the leaders they need rather than the leaders we'd like them to get. Maybe lack of control leads to bad leadership. Maybe desperation leads to bad leadership. Maybe bad leadership is useful to an opponent who doesn't really want you to succeed. Who knows?


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