Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Republicans' Dilemma

George W. Bush's terrible poll ratings pose a serious problem to Republicans running for office. They do not want to have to defend the President’s record during their campaigns for re-election because that might cause them to lose.

What to do?

One possibility is to impeach Bush and Cheney in the House of Representatives and to remove them both from office by a two thirds vote in the Senate, early in 2006. Then the Speaker of the House, Denny Hastert becomes President. He can run for another four years in 2008. As an incumbent, he presents a formidable obstacle to any Democratic candidate.

On the other hand, if they do not impeach Bush and Cheney in 2006 and run having to defend Bush, Republicans might lose control of Congress, or at least the House of Representatives.

Then, in 2007, Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House. With a Democratic majority, the House would impeach Bush and Cheney in 2007. If enough Republicans join forces with the Democrats, the Senate might remove Bush and Cheney from office and Nancy Pelosi becomes President.

If you were a Republican member of Congress running for re-election, what would you do? Impeach Bush and Cheney in 2006 or take a chance?


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