Wednesday, September 07, 2005

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lwiner - 4:42 PM ET September 7, 2005 (#33785 of 33811)
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pollux: You're dreaming, or BS'ing, or both

polluxx #33778 4:20 PM ET 9/7/2005

You can quote all the experts you want but the real facts are that the waters of Lake Pontchartrain massively entered New Orleans.

The levees were breached. We have all seen the photos.

What the h-ll are you blathering about? Are you saying that the flooding could not have been prevented. Maybe not. But another uncontested fact is that the New Orleans levees were not designed to resist a Category 4 storm, which is what Katrina was. How did that happen? Had nothing to do with Bush's funding cuts? What if it had been a Category 5? Funding cuts still ok?

In any case, that is not the main complaint against Bush and his crowd.

It's the five day delay in the rescue effort. That's what is cooking Bush's butt. That�s what has the whole US concerned (Red States and Blue States). In case of a massive terrorist attack, or simultaneous terrorist attacks, will the Bush Administration be able to respond effectively and promptly to save American lives? The evidence from New Orleans is not reassuring.

What part of the above do you not understand?


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