Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary's Mistakes

Hillary made the mistake of being overconfident. After all she was worldwide famous and Obama was an obscure local politician.

As a consequence of her overconfidence, she ran a halfhearted campaign and did not bother to learn from the successes of her predecessors. Two examples stand out:

1. She did not learn from Howard Dean's very successful grass roots fund raising. She did not attempt to raise money through the Internet from millions of willing donors.

2. She did not learn from the GOP outstanding organizers in getting out the vote in 2004.

As such, she blew a huge hole in her claims of having experience, being able to hit the ground running, etc. She showed herself not to be ready for the big time, in spite of her grandiose claims.

Ultimately, she showed herself to be another moderately competent politician trying to cash in on her husband's success.

So the Democrats have to choose between a delusional man who claims to be, in effect the second coming of Christ and a an old woman unready for the responsibilities of the Presidency. Oh yes, we can vote for McCain. Some choices.


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