Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why Do White, Educated Liberals Support Obama?

According to expert pollsters, white well-educated liberals tend to support Obama, while poorer people and less well-educated support Hillary. Why?

One reason might be that, having achieved some financial success for themselves, they can now afford to show their broad-mindedness and lack of bias by supporting a Negro. Obama is an easy to accept Negro, he's no Jesse Jackson and certainly no Al Sharpton. He and his wife are both Ivy League-educated and Obama's soaring rhetoric reminds them of other Democratic buffoons that their parents supported, Jack Kennedy and Jimmy Carter, who also had big shining smiles (and who were utter failures as Presidents).

Also, Obama is an effective demagogue. His rhetoric does not address facts - it focuses on emotions. It bypasses the reasoning process. He whines about the contentious political process that some effete snobs are so tired of. As if Obama could change the political process. If he could, why doesn't he sing the right song to the Clintons and make them kiss his ring?

Poorer people cannot afford such flights of fancy. They need to stick to the realities of their lives. Middle class people worry about the out of sight cost of college education for their children. Others worry about health insurance they do not have and cannot afford. Retirement is a concern for many.

There you have it. Sometimes education and financial success lead to utter stupidity.


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