Thursday, September 13, 2007

Breaking Up Iraq Is Not A Solution

Some talking heads are advocating breaking up Iraq into three parts: Kurds, Sunni Arabs and Shiite Arabs. That would supposedly stop the fighting and the Americans could go home.

The only problem is that it would not work because the Sunni Arabs, who have no oil (and used to control everything under Saddam Hussein) will never accept a breakup that leaves them destitute. They will fight until they subjugate the Shiites and can grab the oil again.

In the meantime, if the US leaves, China may decide to step in. With millions of soldiers, China could pacify Iraq, develop the oil fields and proceed to move in on Iran.

China, to keep the U.S. diverted, could dump a few hundred billion of Treasury bonds and precipitate a financial meltdown in the US. The US Dollar would become truly worthless.

Some party Bushie started.


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