Saturday, September 08, 2007

Entrepreneurship Wanted, Desperately

Inhabitants of the Indian state of Kerala enjoy: high literacy, good health and longevity, comparable in all three respects with the best of the Western world. See article in yesterday's NYTimes.

How do they accomplish this? By state supported education and health care and very importantly, remittances from Keralans working abroad. Many men go to Arabian Gulf nations to work, with infrequent visits home to wives and children.

The best educated ones go to the United States and Western Europe and work as college professors.

Obviously, what is lacking in Kerala is the kind of entrepreneurship that would create enough good jobs in Kerala.


At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Ottayan said...

You are right at one level. Entrepreneurship is needed in Kerala to create more jobs.

Unfortunately,establishing an industry and running it in as highly politicised state as Kerala is a daunting tast.

Even Coke has come a cropper.

Keralites are forced to look for jobs outside their state because of the same reason.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger librespondent said...

Coke is not my idea of entrepreneurship. Not allowing Coke is no great loss. Sugared water with a bit of fizz. Who needs it?

I was thinking of new Keralan businesses with growth potential that make good use of the people who live there.

Today's NYTimes published an article about Keralan palliative care. Maybe this business could be expanded, for example.


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