Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Public Tunes Out Al Gore's Live Earth Concert

See article for a report of the limited success of Al Gore's preaching.

You place a frog in a pot filled with cold water and start heating the pot, slowly. By the time the frog realizes that something is going terribly wrong, he is too weak to jump out. Result: dead frog.

Same thing happening on a grander scale with people and global warming -- only much worse.

The people who will suffer first and most are not the ones causing the warming.

The people who are causing the warming will have adequate means to protect themselves.

So, since the guilty parties are firm believers in the "I'm OK, f--k everybody else," principle, global warming will continue.

I had a real eye-opener yesterday. I parked my Camry in the local supermarket lot. Confronting me was a Hummer. I felt like I was looking at a tank bent on doing me serious harm. That's what it's all about: intimidation.


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