Saturday, November 25, 2006

How American Airlines Took My Money and Gave Me Nothing in Return

American Airlines offers so-called free upgrades to frequent flyers.

The word upgrade in their lingo has two meanings: permission to fly business class even though you bought a coach ticket or, a virtual coupon worth a 500 mile upgrade. So to move from coach to business on a flight from JFK to SFO, you need 6 upgrades, one way. You buy upgrades for $4o each on the internet.

This used to work fine. You bought the upgrades and 24 hours before flight time you called up and after a brief conversation you had your upgrade to business.

Then it stopped working. You buy the upgrades. When you call up, no business class seats are available for upgrading. Only for full-price purchase.

I complained to American Airlines and got a song and dance but no upgrade.

So, I wrote to their CEO, Gerard Arpey. I asked for a refund of my money. I pointed out to him that I have accumulated more than one million miles on AA. He has not answered.

American Airlines has $240 of my money and I have nothing.


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